The Big Star Screenwriting Competition is sponsored by the Dallas Screenwriters Association


Grand Prize Winner:
The Last Work of Mad Infernati
by Christopher Tucker

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    Drama Winners:

    1st Place: A Lush Life                          by Jesse Knight

    2nd Place: Texas Red                           by Harry Hunsicker

    3rd Place: Blowback                             by Greg Smith

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    Comedy Winners:

    1st Place: The Super Dead                 by Richard Strickland

    2nd Place: Life Support                       by Noah Edelson

    3rd Place: Leroy                                     by Taylor Sardoni

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    Sci-Fi Fiction/ Horror / Fantasy Finalists:

    1st Place: The Last Work of Mad Infernati            by Christopher Tucker

    2nd Place: Sardis the Merciful                 by Christian Thomas                 

    3rd Place: Magical Mind of Mr. Montgomery       by Douglas King

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    Teleplay Short or Long Form Finalist:

    1st Place: PsychOtis                            by Luke Silver

    2nd Place: Pandora’s Blight               by Joe Crouch

    3rd Place: Likes and Follows             by Jason Kessler

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    Short Film Script (25 pages or less) Finalists:

    1st Place: It’s Thursday and I Need Beer                     by Paul O’Connor

    2nd Place: Losing Teeth                                                    by Kelly Hightower

    3rd Place: Elmo                                                                 by Benjamin Kramer

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    DSA Members Only Finalists:

    1st Place: Relative Evil                       by Martin Catt

    2nd Place: 4 Corners                           by David Morring

    3rd Place: Dragon’s Sight                  by Debra Hardy