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    Drama Finalists:

    Blowback                             by Greg Smith

    A Lush Life                          by Jesse Knight

    The Third Bomb                   by Phillip Parker              

    Religion of Luck                 by Janyce Lapore

    Texas Red                           by Harry Hunsicker

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    Comedy Finalists:

    Courtin Annie                    by Billy Harris

    Life Support                       by Noah Edelson

    The Super Dead                 by Richard Strickland

    The Want Ads                    by Michael Rhodes

    Leroy                                     by Taylor Sardoni

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    Sci-Fi Fiction/ Horror / Fantasy Finalists:

    Sardis the Merciful                                  by Christian Thomas                                      

    The Last Work of Mad Infernati            by Christopher Tucker

    Magical Mind of Mr. Montgomery       by Douglas King

    The Cursed Flesh                                    by Anders Nelson

    Tube                                                           by Alex Davis-Floyd

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    Teleplay Short or Long Form Finalist:

    Pandora’s Blight               by Joe Crouch

    Likes and Follows             by Jason Kessler

    PsychOtis                            by Luke Silver

    Oracle                                  by Nick Roth

    Misfit Parents                    by Amanda Scott

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    Short Film Script (25 pages or less) Finalists:

    It’s Thursday and I Need Beer                     by Paul O’Connor

    Elmo                                                                 by Benjamin Kramer

    When You Wish                                               by Troy Graham

    Losing Teeth                                                    by Kelly Hightower

    Waiting Room                                                  by Troy Smith

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    DSA Members Only Finalists:

    4 Corners                           by David Morring

    Partners in Arms              by Audrey Ero

    Dragon’s Sight                  by Debra Hardy

    Zodiac Dater                      by Natasha Paris

    Relative Evil                       by Martin Catt